Why I Love Thomas Jefferson Elementary

Thomas Jefferson is the perfect school for my family. Every time I walk into the school, I am impressed with how every staff member and teacher greets my son by name and with a smile. They are genuinely glad to see Joey and he is excited to be there.
Every morning I drop my son off at school. He is greeted by the principal, Mrs. Hirner, who knows each child by name. Even if it is raining or freezing, Mrs. Hirner is out in the schoolyard with a smile, welcoming our kids to start their school day.
At the door to his classroom, his teacher, Mrs. Dunlap, greets him with a smile. Joey is in the first grade. He has been privileged to have amazing teachers two years in a row. Mrs. Meyer, his kindergarten teacher, was just wonderful. She is dedicated to making sure each child had a comforting, happy introduction to their educational journey that made them feel confident and excited to be at school. When Joey started kindergarten he could read a few sight words, by the end of the year, he was reading books. In first grade, Mrs. Dunlap has continued to help him grow academically. I am so impressed with his reading ability and love when he comes home and shares his progress on the Wonders website.
Thomas Jefferson teaches my son more than reading and math. My son learns leadership skills, citizenship, and community involvement. These skills prepare Joey to be a productive member of society. I am so thankful for the principal, teachers, and staff at Thomas Jefferson.
submitted by Nichole P. – proud Thomas Jefferson Elementary parent