Action Requested: Governor Shapiro Needs to Hear from BASD by Friday

Click HERE to submit a public comment to the Basic Education Funding Commission. 

We invite you to join an important effort to help ensure that the Pennsylvania legislature and Governor Shapiro take action to develop a school funding system in the commonwealth in accordance with the Commonwealth Court’s decision that current public education funding in PA is unconstitutional.

We are asking the BASD community to submit public comments to the Basic Education Funding Commission (BEFC) calling on commission members to issue a final report outlining a clear plan that will ensure public education is adequately and equitably funded across the state.

We have serious concerns that the legislature and Governor Shapiro may continue to kick the can down the road and fail to develop and fund a constitutional school funding system beginning with the 2024-2025 state budget.

Please take a few minutes to send a thoughtful, personal comment to the Basic Education Funding Commission. Your voice matters and your comments will be very helpful in ensuring BEFC members understand the expectations that Pennsylvanians have for their report, which will inform budget proposals next year.

Click HERE to read a few sample comments to the BEFC.

Click HERE to submit a public comment to the Basic Education Funding Commission.

We suggest that you write your comment first, and then copy and paste it into the form.

In your comments, please make sure to:

  • Include the name of your school district.
  • Share the reason this issue is important to you and, if possible, give examples of what adequate, equitable, and constitutional state funding would mean for children in your community.
  • Call on members of the BEFC to issue a report that contains a clear and thorough calculation of how much money each school district needs (known as adequacy targets) in order for the state to meet its constitutional obligation to our students.
  • Call on members to include a reasonable timeline for the state to meet its share of funding for those targets.

Thank you!
BASD Proud Parents