SB 1095: Alternative Pathways to Graduation

PASA Supports Senate Bill 1095: Alternative Pathways to Graduation
Today PASA announced support for new legislation introduced by Senators Thomas McGarrigle (R-Chester/Delaware) and Thomas Killion (R-Chester/Delaware) that provides for a comprehensive and rigorous approach for students to demonstrate readiness for high school graduation.
Senate Bill 1095 is a result of the senators working with several education organizations, including PASA, PSBA, the Principals Association and PSEA, to develop rigorous and relevant graduation requirements based upon recommendations from the Department of Education and collaborative discussions with educational leaders.
The bill adjusts the requirement that students pass the state-developed Keystone Exams in Literature, Algebra I and Biology in order to graduate, a requirement that was scheduled to become effective during the 2019-2020 school year after two legislative delays, and instead creates a system of multiple pathways for students to demonstrate graduation readiness.
Click here to read more about SB 1095 and PASA’s support for this bill.
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