House Bill 1213

ACTION ALERT: Please call your member of the State House immediately!

ASK: VOTE NO on House Bill 1213 which is being rushed to the floor for a vote

WHY:  The legislation would tie school districts’ hands to challenge under assessed property taxes. When large property owners pay less than their fair share – homeowners end up paying more than their fair share.

Thank you!!


BASD Proud Parents!

p.s. In case you’re interested in further details:

HB 1213 would shift the tax burden to working families and senior citizens and damage the educational opportunities we provide our children. This law makes the problems with property taxes many times worse.  The beneficiaries of HB 1213 are not the average homeowner or small business owner – they are the owners of large apartment complexes, big box stores, warehouses, etc.

Some properties are dramatically under assessed and that this unfairly puts the greater burden on the average homeowner. Through municipal/reverse appeals, BASD and other school districts can level the playing field and reducing the burden on taxpayers.

The elimination of school districts’ ability to file reverse appeals will make the system more unfair to the average homeowner. Please support the district’s ability to continue to work to level the playing field on behalf of our citizens.

Thank you for your attention to this critical issue. We ask that you oppose HB 1213.

BASD Proud Parents is strictly pro-public education. We are an independent group with no affiliations to the BASD school board or any political parties. Our goals are to help parents stay informed about educational policy discussions and to facilitate ways for any of us who would like the chance to have our voices heard, to get more involved in those policy conversations.