Why We Love William Penn Elementary School

“What we like about William Penn Elementary most is the sense of Community. All the way from the connection with other parents and families, up to being able to meet with the superintendent. You really get the feeling that everyone here cares. Teachers and staff go above and beyond with all sorts of after-school programs and Holiday events like our yearly Fall Festival and Halloween Parade. And it is not just those who go to or are employed by the school that are involved in this community.  Other local businesses and Schools like Moravian College host various events as well. In general, the whole surrounding community gives our neighborhood School an experience like nothing else.”  

submitted by Eddy T. – proud William Penn Father


I moved my children from the New York School District three years ago and I have never looked back. It was the best decision I could have made. The classes are smaller so they can participate and progress easier. The teachers, staff, and principal at William Penn Elementary have time and make the time to assist the students with anything they may need extra help in. This is a special place. My son Joel who is in 5th Grade and my daughter Emily who is in the 4th Grade are always excited to go to school each morning.   

William Penn has friendly teachers (this first observed just from walking the hall greeted w/smiles and friendly hellos by ALL and every time. It then makes me smile). But most importantly the teachers are SO dedicated to being the best, hence making our kids the best by keeping parents heavily involved through updates via class dojo, text, email or in person. 

William Penn parents stick together and that makes me love the community more. When I’m not able to get my child because of being sick or work, William Penn parents from the same grade as my children will offer to pick them up. Everyone knows everyone! I also enjoy all the school programs/clubs they offer! It’s bittersweet it’s my sons last year at William Penn and my daughter has only another year. We are going to miss everyone at William Penn! 

submitted by Jessica O.-  proud William Penn Mother