Why I Love Calypso Elementary

      People say everything happens for a reason, I am a firm believer in that (for somethings).  My children have been in the BASD for the past 7 years.  We have loved and enjoyed our first child’s teachers in elementary school and now middle school very much.  It has been said that every child is different, well having two children myself I believe that 100%.  My daughter who is now in the 4th grade, learns differently than my son.  So at times we were challenged with helping her.  After some serious discussions between my husband and I we decided to Open enroll our daughter to Calypso, from her homeschool due to variety of reasons.  I know from first hand experience how AMAZING Calypso so truly is because for the past 4 years I have had the honor of working there.  The Principal, teachers, support staff etc, are wonderful.  They have such a genuine love for teaching and the children it is so evident when you walk into the school for the first time.  But although I know how wonderful they are, it was difficult to know how our daughter would adapt.  But I am so PLEASED to say she is thriving!!  She has gained so much in the 6 months she has been attending school there.  We now know and are so truly relieved that we made the best choice for our daughter.  She is getting the little extra help she desperately needed and her confidence has grown tremendously and it shows through her grades and scores on her testings.  All a parent wants is for their children to be truly safe and happy.  I can honestly say that both my children are very happy and safe and their schools and we couldn’t be happier.  BASD rocks!!!
submitted by J. Moser – proud Calypso parent