Act Now – House Bill 1213

ACTION ALERT: Please call your member of the State House immediately!!
ASK: VOTE NO on HB 1213
WHY: The legislation will tie school districts’ hands to challenge under assessed property taxes. When large property owners pay less than their fair share, homeowners end up paying more than their fair share.
Thank you!!
BASD Proud Parents

House Bill 1213 (Rep. Kampf, R-Chester), legislation that will take away your school district’s right to appeal the assessment of a property, is now positioned for a vote on the House floor and could be called up at any time. This legislation will help owners of apartment buildings and commercial businesses to avoid paying their fair share of property taxes. If school districts and other local taxing bodies are losing tax revenue, they must cut programs and services and/or turn to homeowners and small businesses to pay more. Click here to send a letter to your House members and tell them to vote NO on House Bill 1213.

TheBASD has effectively used district initiated assessment appeals to help make sure property owners are paying their fair share of taxes.
They have generated several million dollars a year in recurring revenue as a result of this work and they have a few million more in the appeals process right now. If this bill becomes law, we will see a significant negative impact on BASD, as the bill effectively eliminates a district’s ability to file appeals.
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