Equity First – Senate Co-Sponsorship Memoranda

Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton School Districts are underfunded by $108.2 MILLION under the Basic Education and Special Education Funding Laws. According to the formulas, Bethlehem Area SD is underfunded by nearly $23 Million in this year’s budget. The whole Lehigh Valley is underfunded by $127.4 MILLION.

If half of these funds were invested in the school districts and the remaining half were distributed in immediate millage reduction in school property tax, that’s a $63 Million economic boost to the Lehigh Valley.¬†It’s taxpayers and businesses; and stronger schools!
List of School Districts Underfunded by County: http://bit.ly/2jsynQj
Here’s the Plan:
  • $400 Million in¬†New¬†Basic Education Funding
  • $80 Million in¬†New¬†Special Education Funding
  • All¬†new monies¬†distributed per proposed¬†Senator Mensch¬†legislation (click to view memorandum)
  • Do this for four (4) straight budgets to get all districts close to¬†fully-funded
What can you do?
  • Communicate on a personal level: Be courteous, kind and concise. Find Your Legislator on our website.
  • Call¬†Your State Senator and State Representative and¬†ask them¬†to¬†co-sponsor¬†Senator Mensch’s legislation
  • Visit¬†their office and make an in-person ask
  • Send an¬†email, or contact them on social media
Sample Letter to Your Senator
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