Why I Love Clearview Elementary

Clearview Elementary has quality administrators and staff; teachers, custodial, cafeteria, paras, and the health staff have always been pleasant and professional. Principal Heather Bennett-Knerr is someone who is professional and personable with those in the community. My husband and I researched charter and private schools in the area. We chose Clearview because we wanted to give our son a chance to be a part of his community. We were happy to see our son achieve academically and socially at Clearview. High test scores of a district and high tax revenue do not guarantee a quality education. It’s the community and commitment of the staff that have made our experience with BASD a positive one. We also appreciate the socio-economic and racially diverse community of BASD. The district truly services all. Thank you!
submitted by The Engelbrechts – proud Clearview Elementary parents