Know Your School Board Candidates – Emily Root Schenkel

Emily Root Schenkel’s Response

BASD Proud Parents sent out a brief questionnaire to all of the candidates running for school board so you may get a chance to know a little about them before you vote!

Please tell us your name and a little about yourself.

Emily Root Schenkel.  I am currently serving my first term as a School Board Director for BASD.  I live in Bethlehem with my husband and two children.  My kids went to Thomas Jefferson and are now at Northeast and Liberty.  My husband and I are BASD Proud Parents.  I was a founding member of the BASD Proud Parents group.  My passion and advocacy for public education led me to run for the board and now to want to continue serving on the board.

Why have you decided to be a candidate for the school board?

I care deeply about public education and BASD, including all of the students, educators and community as a whole.  My goal is to support our public schools as a fiscally responsible advocate for all students, families, educators and community members.

What is your view of the purpose of public education?

My view of the purpose of public education is to prepare our students to be self-directed life long learners, responsible and productive members of society and to provide an equitable quality education.

What are your top five objectives if elected to the school board?

Continuing to address the education needs of our students by supporting the current curriculum initiatives.  Safety and security of our staff and students.  Supporting our educators so that they can provide the highest quality education to our students.  Ensuring that the construction that needs to occur to support our infrastructure happens in a fiscally responsible way that best supports our students and community. Continuing to advocate for all of our students so that they feel supported, included and heard. 

Please list your volunteer activities within the school or your community.

Current Board Member,  BTAA Lacrosse Assistant Coach (many coaching positions in the past few years), Liberty Football Booster club member, Northeast PTO,  Northside Alive Committee Member, Friends of Flight 93 Board Member, past Thomas Jefferson Executive Board PTO and various other activities as they come up.

Have you ever attended a school board meeting?


If yes to above, under what circumstances were you there?

Prior to serving on the board I attended meetings both to listen and to speak.  

Would you be willing to meet with [BASD Proud Parents], on a regular basis, to discuss issues of importance to children and education in our school district?


Any closing thoughts?

Thank you for all you do to support BASD.  If elected I would absolutely be happy to meet with you and would encourage that!