Know Your School Board Candidates – M. Rayah Levy

M. Rayah Levy’s Response

BASD Proud Parents sent out a brief questionnaire to all of the candidates running for school board so you may get a chance to know a little about them before you vote!

Please tell us your name and a little about yourself.

M. Rayah Levy has been a librarian for 18 years in public and academic libraries. She works at Moravian University, is married, and has one son in the 11th grade attending Liberty High School.

Why have you decided to be a candidate for the school board?

Our children’s education is at stake. Many are trying to turn back the hands of time by ​ attempting to erase and silence our educators by burying the truth about the American historical experience. Therefore, I must fight for our children and teachers as if my life depends on it.

What is your view of the purpose of public education?

Public education is a necessity! It prevents future adult illiteracy and mitigates child poverty.

What are your top five objectives if elected to the school board?

1.) It is extremely important to prepare our children to become well-educated to compete in the global market for jobs and a career. 2.) Giving teachers autonomy and flexibility in their classrooms, not constantly teaching so our children could pass standardized tests. Anonymity and flexibility help teachers to become creative and innovative in their classrooms. 3.) Demonstrating to our taxpayers that our children’s education is their greatest asset for the greatest investment in a well-developed society. 4.) Seeing that state and federal funding is poured into our communities, thus creating more jobs. 5) Our children must see teachers of all shades and backgrounds in the classrooms. There we must make a conscious effort to diversify the workforce. Note, even though this is fifth on my list, it is extremely important, especially if DEI is such an important factor moving forward.

Please list your volunteer activities within the school or your community.

Board member of Bethlehem’s Human Relations Commission, State Historical Records Advisory Board, Member of the NAACP & previous Executive board member of the Moravian Historical Society.

Have you ever attended a school board meeting?


If yes to above, under what circumstances were you there?

To find out what was being discussed.

Would you be willing to meet with [BASD Proud Parents], on a regular basis, to discuss issues of importance to children and education in our school district?


Any closing thoughts?

To stifle the truth from our children is an injustice to their growth and the changing world that awaits them in the future. Change is inevitable as it is not a constant but a variable.