Fair Funding Workshop

On Tuesday, October 6th we will be holding a Fair Funding workshop.
David Mosenkis, a visual data expert from POWER Interfaith, will be presenting the workshop with some updated data. Angelica Calel, a recent Pottstown grad, will open with a few words about the issue. I will also help facilitate.
The workshop will be held in Zoom. Everyone from this group is invited to participate. Please RSVP to me and I will send you the link. The workshop will also be streamed live on the Pennsylvanians for Fair Funding Facebook page.
The goal will be two-fold:
1. It’s a great chance to get the word out to the public about the need for equitable funding.
2. It’s an opportunity for us to become more familiar with the specifics of the issue so we can advocate to our legislators and even run workshops for folks in our own school districts.
6:40- log on the meeting, we will have a pre-workshop briefing
7:00- go LIVE with the Workshop
8:00 (or whenever we end the LIVE workshop)- we will take some time to debrief- particularly to discuss ways you can take this workshop into your own context.
Please RSVP to let me know if you can participate!