Follow-up Lehigh Valley School Funding Lawsuit

An update on the Lehigh Valley School Funding Lawsuit from Education Voters of PA
From a webinar with attorneys from the Education Law Center and Public Interest Law Center about Pennsylvania’s historic school funding lawsuit. Please find attached the slides from last night’s presentation.
For more information about the school funding lawsuit, please visit
You may find both a recording of a general webinar both in English and with a Spanish translation here:
What can you do now to advocate now?
  • Share the website with your social network and tell your friends about the school funding lawsuit.
  • Follow organizations that are building a movement for the public schools our children deserve on Facebook and Twitter
  • Consider writing a letter to the editor in support of the school funding lawsuit. We can help! Reply to this email and we will make a plan.
  • Write an email or snail mail letter to your state lawmakers. Introduce yourself, share what you learned about PA’s school funding system, and ask them about their position on ensuring that PA’s public schools are both adequately and equitably funded. Find your lawmakers here.
  • Can you gather 40, 50 or more people together for a webinar about the lawsuit? Reply to this email and we can talk about setting one up.
  • Stay tuned! We will let you know when the trial is scheduled and how you can help raise awareness of this historic lawsuit and build pressure on the PA legislature to fix this system, which hurts many of Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable children.