Historic PA Budget Proposal Represents a Major Step Forward for Public Education Funding in Pennsylvania

From the good folks at PA Schools Work:
The PA Schools Work Campaign saluted Governor Wolf for his bold $1.5 billion public education budget recommendation this week. The education portion of Governor Wolf’s 2021-22 budget proposal responds to the unique moment we’re in and sets a historic marker for investing in public education.
The global pandemic has highlighted the critical role schools play in our communities and our future, while widening the gap between the wealthiest and poorest schools as school districts remain chronically underfunded by the state.
This proposal also would direct more dollars to schools that have been shortchanged in the past because of systemic inequities in the way Pennsylvania has funded public education.
The PA Schools Work Campaign put out a statement about the budget proposal that read:
“We support a $1.5 billion public investment that is dedicated to moving Pennsylvania toward funding each school district equitably and adequately, with the resources to support it. Let’s get to work.”
Next Lunch & Learn Webinar: A Deep Dive on the Budget
Join PA Schools Work partners on Tuesday, February 9 at noon for our next Lunch & Learn webinar, where we will explain the details of the education components of Governor Wolf’s budget proposal.
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