PA Education Funding and Advocacy 101

Another great opportunity from Education Voters of PA

Get answers to all of your questions from how school funding works to how you can join the fight to advocate for funding in your district.
Curious to learn about how school funding works (and doesn’t work) in Pennsylvania?
Join Education Voters for “PA School Funding and Advocacy 101” for an overview of school funding issues, an update on the school funding lawsuit and more.
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Fri, Feb 19, 12:00pmā€“1:00pm EST
Tue, Feb 23, 7:00pmā€“8:00pm EST

Questions we will answer include:
  • How are schools funded in PA?
  • Who decides how much funding my local schools get?
  • What is the Basic Education Funding Formula (fair funding formula)?
  • Why does Pennsylvania have the widest funding gap between wealthy and poor school districts of any state in the country?
  • How are charter schools funded and how can the current system be reformed?
  • How can I most effectively advocate for the school funding students in my district and throughout Pennsylvania’s need and deserve?

We will also provide a brief update on Pennsylvania’s school funding lawsuit, which is scheduled to go to trial this year. (VisitĀ www.FundOurSchoolsPa.orgĀ to learn more!) And we’ll have plenty of time for Q&A.
I hope that you’ll join us and/orĀ share this invitationĀ with people in your network who are interested in learning more and getting involved.

Thank you!
Susan Spicka, Executive Director, Education Voters of PA