Education Voters of PA Needs Your Help

We are sharing this post from Education Voters of PA. There are plenty of ways to help and support a cause, this is 1.
Education Voters is a go-to resource for information, for advocacy, and for following what is happening in Harrisburg. And we have been a leading force in Pennsylvania’s education advocacy and policy community.
We helped put together the campaign and strategy for a fair funding formula. We have led on challenging poor charter school policy. We have fought to restore devastating education cuts. And, we are a leading voice in opposition to ill-conceived school privatization proposals that would undermine public education in Pennsylvania. Our reports are regularly cited in the news and by experts. Policymakers trust us as a resource for information.
And — we forget to ask you to chip in. Or we are working on other things and think I’ll get back to that when it isn’t so busy. It is always busy.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Right now, we are headed into an incredibly busy stretch.
Here is my to-do list. I am sharing this with you, along with my request for your support.
Would you be willing to make a contribution to help, please? I’d really appreciate it! You can give a general contribution or support one of the projects we are working on.
* Your contribution will show up on your card or payment account as “Keystone Research Center” which is the fiscal sponsor for Education Voters.
Thank you for your continued support of public education. Together, we make a big difference for public school students in PA.
Susan Spicka, Executive Director, Education Voters of PA