Helping the Governor stand strong during budget negotiations

One final request as budget season winds down.  We’re hearing rumors that the majority leaders in Harrisburg are lowballing the Governor on the education budget and there are real concerns that the Governor might be willing to cave to their demands.  Please contact Governor Wolf’s office to share your interactions with legislators and strongly urge him to hold firm on his proposed increases to Basic Education Funding during these negotiations.

Here’s a possible script to use when you call or email:

Dear Governor Wolf,

I have reached out to my elected lawmaker(s) (you can name them!!) repeatedly asking them to support your education budget. Now I’m reaching out to you. My school district ______ and all PA students need this funding. PLEASE STAND STRONG and hold the line for this education funding. Refuse to sign a budget that doesn’t include it. The surplus is there. PA students, especially from underfunded districts, desperately need you to insist on this critical funding for our children.

With thanks,


Contact Information for Governor Wolf:

Phone (Harrisburg):  (717) 787-2500

Email form: