Time to Invest in PA Public Schools


Every child, regardless of where they live, has a right to good education. Now is the time to reimagine Pennsylvania’s public education system so every student has what they need to reach their full potential, but the new governor and our legislators need to hear from constituents like you to make sure this is a priority.

It’s almost budget season in Harrisburg, which means now is the time to speak up so legislators and our new governor know that funding our public schools is a priority for their constituents.

Research shows that the Commonwealth needs to dedicate an additional $4 billion in Basic Education Funding during Governor-elect Shapiro’s first term in office – $1 billion a year over the next four years – to close a massive opportunity gap for Pennsylvania students.

In 2023, the Commonwealth has a chance to address decades of financial neglect in our public education system. To demonstrate their commitment to our children and to our public education system, the new governor and legislature should take significant steps in securing a quality education for students.

Click here to send an email to Governor Shapiro and your state legislators to tell them that we owe it to our kids and our communities to continue to close the massive funding gap. On our action page, we make sending the email quick and easy.