Join for a quick update on Harrisburg’s plans for public education

From Education Voters of PA, don’t miss out on this opportunity today.
Over the next month, PA lawmakers and Governor Wolf will be negotiating a budget that is supposed to be signed into law by June 30th.
What happens over the next month could have a profound impact on Pennsylvania’s educational landscape.
And lawmakers appear to be waiting to reveal their plans in the hopes that they can jam through their agenda without public scrutiny.
Join us for a brief update on what is happening in Harrisburg on Wednesday, May 26th at either noon or 6:30 pm.
Everything is on the table–
  • Increases in state funding for public education (or not)
  • Charter school funding reform (or not)
  • Charter school expansion (or not)
  • A new school voucher program (or not)
  • Expansion of current EITC/OSTC school vouchers (or not)
  • A new scholarship program for public university students (or not)
  • And so much more
Once the budget bills and other legislation start moving,  we will likely be asking you to take a few minutes to call your lawmakers or send them emails.
We know that just 5-10 phone calls into a lawmaker’s office gets their attention and can have an impact on how they vote. You have an important role to play and we hope we will be able to count on you.
Click HERE to register for a short webinar about what to expect and how you will be able to help make sure that the PA legislature passes the education budget and policies that our students need and deserve.
Susan Spicka, Executive Director, Education Voters of PA